Release the Spyce #06 — Flashback Friends Forever!


Imbeciles, every one of them.

Technically, the broadcast wasn’t delayed. It just took forever to pop up in any form at all, and the actual broadcast (as opposed to the simulcast) still hasn’t. This stupid show really gristles my hope for a predictable schedule.


This is really going to be a multi-episode arc? Really? Really!? The best I can say is that I kept waiting for the Princess Principal Prince and the Pauper twist since it seemed so painfully obvious and a perfect excuse to really buckle down and whip up a grudge and some guilty angst, but even that was giving the writing way too much credit as most of the episode was spent killing time. Could we not think up some goofy yet excessively bizarre criminal enterprise to fill the time this week? A farmer grinding up orphans for bonemeal to feed his cows that caters exclusively to cannibal members of the mafia?

Anyway, the wasting of time wasn’t even the stupidest part. No, that would come when they get up to her room and all of a sudden, everyone simply forgets that they’re supposed to be lying… and none of them even goddamned notice. “Hello, girl who I barely know. What are you doing here?” –two minutes later– “No! She does care about you! She told us everything in one of the many long heart to hearts we have where we tell each other everything about ourselves! Now, let me lick you again because I have magical ninja spy licking powers!” No, I can’t tell that anything was hinky there either. This is just normal Japanese teenage girl stuff. Now, let’s all lick each other and find out who tastes the most like stupidity. Spoiler: It’s all of you.

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